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The common objective of The Donut Gang is strictly a social group and having fun with our pre 1973 street rods and custom cars. We enjoy regular get togethers, parties, working on our cars and cruising to area car shows and events. New Donut Gang friends must be sponsored by an existing member. Other objectives are as follows.

The Donut Gang is not an organized club....there are no officers, no organization, no dues, no by-laws, no newsletter, no monthly meetings, etc.
We gather on Tuesday mornings to socialize and tell big stories for about an hour. The preferred method of travel to any Donut Gang gathering is by street rod or custom car.
Every member of The Donut Gang likes making friends, not just acquaintances. Old friends, old cars, old t-shirts and lots of fun are what we are all about!
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Austin, TX 78750
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