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 Sunshine State Cougar Club
Whether you drive your Cougar daily, or just occasionally, whether it's restored, a restomod, or a work-in-progress, you've become a Cougar enthusiast, and there's no better way to share your appreciation for that Cougar than within a group that shares the same interests.

You'll find some SSCC members that know a little about Cougars, some that think they know it all, and some that really do! Chances are, that problem you're struggling with right now has already been dealt with and solved by one of the members.

Camaraderie is most important, and SSCC members take pride in members helping members.

For an opportunity to show off your efforts, whether it be in-progress, the finished product, or somewhere in between, the SSCC hosts and attends several events throughout the year, and members attend many more within their Regions.

Dues are $20 annually.
Club Contact Information
8709 Catbriar Lane
Orlando, FL 32829
Phone Number
(407) 273-1092
Web Site