Hamilton Chapter - Studebaker Drivers Club

The Hamilton Chapter, located in Hamilton, Ontario, home of Studebaker Canada, received its charter from the Studebaker Drivers Club Inc. in 1988. There are currently 50 family members in our chapter. We meet once a month on the third Sunday, 10am, at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum located at the Hamilton airport. During the summer months we meet at various members' homes on the third Monday of the month which makes for a nice informal get-together. We publish a bi-monthly newsletter The Bullet-Tin, which reflects our members, their Studebakers, our activities and SDC information and events. It provides a great link for those members who live away from the Hamilton area and who seldom are able to attend club functions or meetings. Our chapter is very social and we endeavour to have fun activities throughout the year. We have cruises to other automotive related meets, go on various tours, or sometimes just cruise to a park for a picnic. We organize five or six chapter events each year, some of which tie in with other chapters in Canada and the U. S. For the past few years we have had an annual rally and picnic planned and hosted by one of our members. Every September there is an annual member's BBQ with lots of Studebakers as well as other guests in attendance, also hosted at a member's home. We currently have 14 Studebakers that are being restored by our members, most of whom already have one that they are driving and enjoying. We have a number of members who have restoration and mechanical skills who help and give advice to other members when requested. Once or twice a year we have tech. meetings to help our members understand various components of the automobile and how they work. Something else that is very beneficial to us is that five of our members worked at Studebaker Canada. This brings a great wealth of knowledge and history to our club. The Hamilton Chapter's agenda is to promote good fellowship within our chapter, to preserve and maintain the Studebaker name, its history and the vehicles that they produced. We also endeavour to promote the Studebaker Club whenever we have the opportunity to do so. Owning a Studebaker is not a prerequisite of becoming a member of the Hamilton Chapter, however, membership in the Studebaker Drivers Club Inc. is. If you have any questions or wish more information, please get in touch with us.



Hamilton, Ontario