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We Meet up at the Wal-Mart in Naples off of EX. 101 on Sundays around 4:30 to 5. We have at least 5 Cadillacs and 2 trucks they are all lowriders. We are looking for new members. To have fun not to start problems or to start beef with others. We respect the other crews we want to enjoy and show what we have and get ideas off others. If you would like to join it is free but we give shirts out for $25 if you want them we also have plaques for $150. We would like to see new members at anytime so come and check us out in Naples,FL. We are called Low4Show. We have Solo, Caddie Boi, Paniter, and Big Red and more. Ride by sometime and check us out.
Club Contact Information
Naples, FL 34102
Phone Number
(239) 200-4897