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 Sacramento Classic Thunderbird Club
The Sacramento Classic Thunderbird Club is Chapter 14 of the
Classic Thunderbird Club International.
The Sacramento Classic Thunderbird Club’s purpose is to provide a
home for enthusiasts of the 1955, 1956, and 1957 Ford
Thunderbirds. The Thunderbird roadsters have been recognized as
classics from the first day of their availability in 1954.
We invite anyone who shares our interest in these beautiful
automobiles to join our club.

Activities are held each month during the year. The activities range
from dinners, day-drives, overnight week-end events, get-togethers
with other car clubs, and attendance at regional and national
conventions. Most of all we just like to get together and have fun.
Members need not own a classic Thunderbird. All that is needed is
the interest in classic Thunderbirds. Our club members' cars are as
varied as our members themselves. Member’s cars may or may not
be completely assembled. They may be trailer transported show
queens. Most members drive their head-turning cars to our events.
Some members have recently become owners while others may
have had their ‘Birds since high school or college.
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Sacramento, CA 94203
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