Southern Mustang and Ford

We are a small, close-knit group of people who enjoy each others' friendship as much as we enjoy our cars. We get together at least twice a month for official club business; once for our monthly meeting, and once for our monthly club-hosted car show. However, fairly often you'll find a few of us gathering for fine food, admiration of our cars, tech talk, spending a Saturday working on each others' cars, catching a movie and just having fun in general at least once a week. Food is an important aspect of our socialization... we often humbly describe ourselves as "an eating club with a car disorder." (a.k.a "Southern Mustang and Food") We take numerous special trips each year throughout South Carolina, and many of our members go to a wide variety of regional and national car shows in the Southeast, Northeast and Midwest.



PO Box 61433

Charleston, South Carolina