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 Quarter Mile Car Club
The Quarter Mile Car Club of Southwest Florida is a nonprofit, volunteer
group of Automotive enthusiasts, who are dedicated to the restoration
and preservation of all American Built Automobiles.

There has never been love affairs as lasting as the one the American
people have with their automobiles. Our club strives to do the same; to
do the things you want to do and to provide information, and activities you
want to help you build, restore, detail, repair, or tune your auto.

We are dedicated to fun family activities for fans of both old and new cars.
Whether your auto is a classic show car, a performance car, a daily
driver, or a project car, you have a place here with us.

Your membership entitles you to all the fun you can stand and the
fellowship of people who love American Automobiles as much as you do.
Our only requirement is that you attend at least one monthly event and
you own an American Made Automobile.
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