United Street Rods of Idaho

USRI is a group of individuals dedicated to the preservation of automotive related hobby interests, for the entire State of Idaho, through lobbying with the Legislature and other political entities and encouraging the exchange of information related to our hobby. This organization was formed in 1979 when fifteen concerned individuals met to discuss issues that were adversely affecting titling and licensing of older cars and related problems for "street rodding" and other uses of classic and older vehicles. It was decided at that time to form an organization dedicated to helping maintain and expand the interests expressed by the individuals who own these types of vehicles. USRI represents over 90 "car clubs" statewide, with over 600 individual memberships (not including spouses or significant others), The adage "united we drive, divided we park' has never been more meaningful than at the present. It is imperative that " automotive hobby enthusiasts" have a group representing their interests in these regards, and USRI has taken the lead and will continue to represent people concerned with these issues, and the use of street rod, classic, and older type vehicles.



Boise, Idaho