Mopars Unlimited of Idaho

Mopars Unlimited of Idaho (MUI) would like to welcome you as a potential member of its growing group of Mopar enthusiasts. Before joining, you may have questions about how our philosophies, who’s who, club meetings, events or your role as a member. We have prepared this page to explain our objectives and answer many commonly asked questions. If there are questions we don’t answer here, please contact one of the club officers at your convenience. Their contact information is listed at the bottom of this page. To make sure this club continues to grow and be enjoyable, we focus a lot of attention on member services and comfort. Every member needs to feel like they are part of the club and that their yearly dues are matched with an expected level of enjoyment and entertainment. Throughout the year, MUI organizes monthly events and other gatherings that keep members as involved as they want to be. While most of these are car related, some (like those during the cold winter months) are brought indoors.



PO Box 16038

Boise, Idaho