100mphClub.com prides itself in being a car club based of MANY different types of street vehicles of MANY different stages of life. We have everything from "show cars" to "go cars" to a combination of both. It really doesn't matter what you drive, you'll fit in just fine. We all have a passion for speed, just not everyone has the wallet for it. When our project vehicles are broke, we take our daily drivers to the club events. We will warn you, if you don't have a fast car now. You will crave one very soon if you stick around. Club events are really where the heart of the club is. We try very hard to have a monthly club event. The events are growing larger each year. From our dragstrip rental, to our club's very own version of a Power Tour - our Power Cruise. We're sure you'll find something that allows you to have as much fun as the rest of us.



Frontenac, Missouri