British Saloon Car Club of Canada

The British Saloon Car Club of Canada was born in November 1994 in Toronto, Ontario as a need to support some of the lesser known British built vehicles was identified. These wonderful British built saloon cars such as Hillmans, Austin’s, Morris, Riley, Vauxhall,etc. that did not really fit into the single marque British car clubs now had a club that they could call their own. We started out with 14 potential members and look where we are today. You do not have to own a British saloon car to belong to our club, but you are required to have an interest/passion in British built cars and trucks. Many of our members own sports cars as well as saloons and I personally have owned a wide variety of British cars both saloons, convertibles and sports cars. We are basically more of a social club than a technical one. We are not into concours judging and if you have torn seats, incorrect engine bits or anything else that is not quite perfect you will find a home with us, this is not to say that some of members do not have wonderfully restored vehicles or one of those incredible low mileage original survivors. We have and love them all.



Burlington, Ontario