Antique Fire Brigade

The goal of the Antique Fire Brigade website is provide useful information about antique, historical, and unique fire apparatus, as well as numerous quality pictures, in an online format. Apparatus owned by both the Founders and those who have "joined" the Antique Fire Brigade are featured in the Apparatus Owners Showcase section. Also included are pictures from the Founder's travels and the numerous events attended each year, as well as pictures of modern, present-day fire apparatus. Becoming a part of the Antique Fire Brigade does not require you to be active in the fire service industry, nor does it require you own any specific type of apparatus, or any apparatus at all. The Antique Fire Brigade website is intended to serve individuals interested in all facets of the hobby, including: antique fire apparatus, firefighting history, modern fire apparatus, modern firefighting techniques, firefighting collectibles, and all things in-between. If you have something to contribute to the Antique Fire Brigade (i.e., articles, classified advertisements, events, links, pictures, etc.), we encourage you to do so! Those who do own antique fire apparatus are invited to send pictures and information about their vehicles to be included in the Apparatus Owners Showcase. All contributors will be given due credit and will also be listed in the Contributors section. If you would like further information about the Antique Fire Brigade, please Contact Us. We do not charge any fees to those who wish to submit content; we simply want to share our love for the hobby with everyone.



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