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 Triangle Thunder Cruisers
In July of 2007 a group of men, small business owners, professionals and the working force mixed in age and race got together and formed the Triangle Thunder Cruisers with the intent of being a positive impact to the triangle cities youth and civic community.

All of our members own Street and Hot Rods, Antiques, Muscle Cars and collectables.

The Triangle Thunder Cruisers intend to talk with youth at every occasion and feel that our key is our vehicles. The cars we posses seem to get their attention and provide us the opportunity to listen and talk with them.

Our message is a simple one and we offer young men the opportunity to tag along with us rather than roam the street in gangs. We encourage our members to each sponsor a youth headed in the wrong direction and bring him along to cruises, car shows and civic duties.

Our dues are $50.00 per year

We encourage you to help us make our vision a reality. We are 35 strong and growing.

We also offer your establishment the opportunity to become an Honorary Member at no cost. We realize our vision and goal is bigger than our club and we need the whole Triangle to help give youth the vision.
Club Contact Information
P.O. Box 11626
Durham, NC 277032232
Phone Number
(919) 599-6541
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