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 North Florida Show Car Association
The North Florida Show Car Association (NFSCA) was formed in 2005 by a group of “CAR CRAZY” enthusiasts who had the desire to recognize the efforts of the car collecting hobbyists in northeast Florida.

Our MISSION is to stimulate the North Florida automotive hobby and HONOR & RESPECT THE PARTICIPANT.

Owners of “show vehicles” come in all shapes and sizes. From young to old; from collectors of pristine classics, custom hot rods, wild trucks and tuners to owners of original “survivors” and daily drivers; all these owners share one common passion. THEY LOVE THEIR CARS!

The goal of the NFSCA is to produce and promote quality car shows throughout the year and to recognize these owners for their many hours of work and preparation on their “special babies”. We are proud to award NFSCA “Show Winner” trophies to approximately half of our show participants at each show.

Our primary focus is STIMULATING our hobby by developing, hosting and presenting great shows, we also work hard to support our membership with many benefits, such as member only sponsor discounts and very up to date communication of what is going on within our hobby.

We are a non profit, Florida based charitable organization, we have filed for Federal IRS 501(c) recognition, which is currently being processed. Our association is run by it's group of NON COMPENSATED officers and ALL of our proceeds benefit our charity of choice Wolfson Children's Hospital.
Club Contact Information
4545-1 St. Augustine Road
Jacksonville, FL 32207
Phone Number
(904) 730-8056
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