Vintage Chevrolet Club of America

The VCCA operates as a national organization to produce a monthly magazine, the Generator & Distributor, our award winning magazine that includes articles on restoration techniques, historical reviews, classifieds that include many cars and parts. The G&D is widely known as the best source of information specific to Chevrolet history and enthusiast activities. Locally, we offer regional activities with groups of our members who have come together to form local "regions" with whom you can join. The regions meet on a varying basis. See if there's a region in your area. You must be a member of the national organization to belong to a local region. We also host many annual events that as a member you can attend. From national tours to judged national events, there are a multitude of opportunities to take your vintage Chevrolet out and enjoy activities with fellow enthusiasts. New members will receive a club badge, decal, membership card and a complimentary subscription, Generator and Distributor. Members will be entitled to free classified advertising every month in the G&D. Commercial rates are available to dealers and private individuals. Sponsoring members may receive a Membership pin for signing up 3 or more new members. Be sure to include your sponsor's name and membership number on your application form so that they qualify. They'll be glad that you did!!



PO Box 5387

Orange, California