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Our Group is not an Organized Club, we are a group of people who belong to several Clubs. But we enjoy getting together without all the Politicle Hype and Regulations and Restrictions. We have members from all over Northern California and are starting to bring in people from Oregon, Nevada and are getting a lot of interested people from other states. We usually meet once a month unless one of our members comes up with other interested events. We love eating so we usually meet at a different Restaurant in a different City in the area where ever our members live.

There is no membership fees, nor are there any set rules. We do demand respect for all others, You must have your vehicle leagally Registered and Insured to be on all Roads in whice we travel. There is no alcohol at our events if we are going to be driving as a group. We have Pot Lucks, Boat Cruises. Mountain Tours, We go to Museums, Picnics, and will in the future be throwing some Barn Dances and other suce events. Each member is responsible for their own expenses. If we have out side entertainment or other extra cost, we take up a collection to pay all expenses.

We have a wonderful Web Site where you can join and make your own private Web Site. We welcome everyone although they may have other than an Orphan vehicle. We have Trucks as well as cars in our group. We invite members of all other clubs to come and join in on our fun. We are a family oriented Group.
Club Contact Information
Redding/Mt. Shasta Region, CA 96002
Phone Number
(530) 222-1948
Web Site
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on: April 21, 2008