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 Southern Ontario Classic Pickups ( SOCP )
Over the last 16 years the SOCP has developed into a membership of over 75 members from all over Canada and the United States, sporting a wide variety of Ford and Merc trucks between the years 1905-1966. For the more local members (Southern Ontario region) there are meetings held on a regular basis and club events such as the annual picnic, East/West run etc. For members that are not local to Southern Ontario there is a superb newsletter that goes out bi-monthly, The Benchracer, which features member profiles, tech tips and classified ads (which are an excellent source of new and used parts for your truck)

Coordinated travel to the F-100 Supernats in Tennesee
Summer warm-up run in June
Canadian Truck Nationals in Arthur, Canada in August
Presidents Dinner in November
Club tours to various destinations of interest
New members and renewals: $35.00/year

Regular bi-month meetings starting mid January.
Special events include:

Summer Runs
Club Picnic
Presidents Dinner and More!
Club Contact Information
30 William Davidson St.
Whitby, ON L1R 2H8
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