Customs Northwest

Customs Northwest was founded to establish a group or organization to promote custom car activities throughout the Pacific Northwest. Customs Northwest was founded on March 25, 1990, when Mike Shelley held a meeting in Tacoma, Washington, that was attended by 40 custom car enthusiasts, many from as far away as Central Oregon and the Portland area, Eastern Washington and British Columbia. It was felt that meetings become very political and soon car clubs separate into groups, each with honorable ideas but unable to reach a common goal without dispute. Customs Northwest has no meetings; it is directed by the President and communication is via a newsletter to the group as a whole. Area representatives were appointed as a way of keeping the communication flowing and a closer contact with members in local areas. In 2005, the 16th Annual Sisters Run hosted 125 quality cars. Unfortunately, we have had to cancel the Sisters Run. We have members in (2) providences of Canada, California, Idaho, Montana, Nebraska, Oregon, Pennsylvia, and Washington. We have representatives in British Columbia (1), California (1), Idaho (2), Oregon, and Washington (3). We publish a monthly newsletter, with "For Sale" ads, articles, business advertisements, trivia, and an events schedule to inform everyone of "open events." Our outdoor events are all annuals.



PO Box 1826

Everett, Washington