National De Soto Club, Inc

International club for owners and lovers of the De-Lightful, De-Lovely De Soto built by Chrysler. Local chapters in the USA and Canada. Annual National Meet.Model year coordinators/technical advisors. Bi-monthly newsletter and a great website. We offer free one time ads for sellers and buyers of De Soto cars, parts, literature and memoriabilia. Visit our website for more information! NATIONAL DESOTO CLUB, INC. is an active, non-profit corporation with international membership organized by a group of DeSoto owners in 1986. The purpose of the club is to promote the restoration, preservation and enjoyment of the DeSoto automobile. Ownership of a DeSoto is not a requirement for membership; only an interest in DeSoto is necessary. National conventions are held once a year rotating across the country. The Club presently has eight chapters with new ones developing rapidly. Club services include advisors for yearly models of DeSotos as well as a Salvage Yard Directory. DESOTO ADVENTURES, the Club magazine, is published six times a year. The scheduled mailing date is the 20th of every odd-numbered month. The magazine contains factual articles about DeSotos, articles about the history of members' DeSotos, accounts of Club meetings, advertisements relating to DeSoto cars and parts, and other DeSoto-related news. Members may submit free ads to be printed at the editor's discretion. ANNUAL DUES : Standard membership in the National DeSoto Club, Inc. is $24.00 per year (U.S. funds) for members in the United States. With standard membership, the magazine is delivered by third class mail. Also available is optional membership (recommended) at $30.00 per year (U.S. funds), which includes delivery of the magazine by first class mail. Members in Canada and Mexico are US $30.00 for Priority Air. Membership in all other countries is $35.00 per year (U.S. funds) for air mail. Memberships may be paid for one, two, or three years. There is a discount for two or three year memberships. For two years, standard membership is $47, First class, Canada, and Mexico is $59, other countries are $69. For three years the respective rates are $70, $88, and $103. Members receive issues of DeSoto Adventures and may participate in club activities.



Oak Harbor, Washington