Wheels Of Italy

WOI has forged ahead to deliver a much-needed focus on Italian vehicles and their owners. There has been little or no activities with the clubs, lack of service providers and virtually no advertising focus in the Midwest for parts and resources. We all drive works of Italian art and want more. Our Mission Our mission is to provide a place on the Internet as well as events to rejuvenate the Italian car and bike industry as well as the people who drive them and admire them. This, as you can imagine, is a long and tedious process. Only a passion so great for Italia and the want to succeed could have fueled what most said, "...will not work" and "...could not be done". Well, it has been done and done at a level that even surpassed our expectations. Wheels of Italy has succeeded and will continue to succeed! We are not alone WOI has not been alone in this success! Many sponsors have helped us with their services and goods. It is great to know that there are still companies out there that operate with professionalism, a smart & wonderful staff and, best of all, integrity. If you would like to work with companies of this caliber, our sponsors are available to. Support the companies that support you! Become involved Join us in this great adventure and sign up to receive Event notices and general updates in the Italia world of vehicles; everyone is welcome to participate.



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