Corvette Club of America

The Corvette Club of America (CCA) was established July 17, 1956 and has been in continuous operation for over 66 years. The CCA proudly supports the National Corvette Museum and holds a lifetime club membership. The CCA's members and events are primarily located in Maryland; however, the CCA welcomes all Corvette enthusiasts who enjoy fun and Corvette-centric activities to join our club. The CCA is an energetic group of Corvette lovers that fosters an environment of fun with activities centered around our favorite cars to include autocross, cruises, luncheons, brewery, winery & distillery visits, car shows, and annual picnic and award dinners. We welcome all Corvette owners to our Corvette club and encourage them to take advantage of our monthly meetings, shop nights (currently on hold), social gatherings, competitive events, and more. Our dues are only $50 per year for the Oldest Corvette Club. Come join us! 1st Place in the NCM's 2020 Website Contest & 2nd Place in the NCM's Newsletter Contest.



108 Longdraft Road

Gaithersburg, Maryland