Corvette Marque Club of Seattle

The Corvette Marque (that's pronounced "mark") Club of Seattle, or CMCS, had its first meeting of record in August 1963, was incorporated in November 1963, and has been growing at a steady rate every year. The purpose of the club since its founding, and as spelled out in the Constitution and By-Laws, is to provide an association for owners of America's only true sports car, the Corvette. CMCS membership is comprised solely of Corvette owners, spouses and significant-others. CMCS includes men and women Corvette owners in its rolls. The women members of the club have been and continue to be vital to the club's success and actively participate in directing club functions. This is clearly evidenced in their high visibility in their roles as club officers and committee chairpersons. The overall diversity of the club membership allows the group to benefit from the various talents of its individual members, yet the common interest in Corvettes welds a strong bond of friendship and cooperation. Through its various activities, CMCS strives to add to the natural enjoyment of Corvette ownership while providing social interaction with other Corvette owners. Club meetings are typically held at dinner time at various restaurants or banquet rooms in the greater Seattle area and oftentimes include a program of interest to the membership or are preceded by some activity where we are able to enjoy our cars together.



PO Box 534

Kirkland, Washington