Classic Thunderbird Club of South Florida

We are a social group of dedicated individuals with interest in ownership and enjoyment of Ford Thunderbird cars and of all Antique Automobiles. We meet each month for dinner, car shows and activities with our membership from West Palm Beach to the Florida Keys. Our club is family oriented in its activities and sponsors a scholarship fund for McPherson College (The only accredited university in the United States with a major in Automobile Restoration). Our aim is to bring together owners and non-owners of the Thunderbird in a social activity to encourage and promote the admiration, care and maintenance of the "Classic Thunderbirds"; and Antique Cars in general. We hope to provide an outlet for people to discover the uniqueness of the features and styling of the Ford Thunderbirds and exchange knowledge with each other about them and other Antique Automobiles. All you need to join the Club is a Love of the Thunderbird or Antique Cars No need to own a T-Bird or even an Antique Car to apply for membership!



739 Washington Avenue Suite #902173

Homestead, Florida