CORSA Northwest

Welcome to Corvairs Northwest (CNW), a group of over 100 Corvair enthusiasts located in the central Puget Sound region of Washington State in the greater Seattle area. We are dedicated to the preservation and promotion of the Chevrolet Corvair in all of its forms. There are several charter members active in the club, which formed in the early 1970s but we are also making an effort to recruit and nurture as many younger members as possible. As with all classic car clubs, our survival and the continued survival of the cars themselves is tied to interest generated among younger people. After all, we are merely temporary stewards of these unique automobiles. If you are under 25 and interested in the Corvair please contact CNW now, we’d like your input and suggestions on how to improve CNW, attract more people like you and make it a better club for all members. Corvair enthusiasts approach the cars from many different angles and all are welcome at Corvairs Northwest. If you have an interest in the Corvair as an engineering artifact, a project for you and your son or daughter, strictly stock or highly modified V8, a concours show car, a weekend driver or simply a way to get from point A to point B every day you are welcome at CNW. Our common bond is the Corvair, regardless of the way one chooses to use the car.



P.O. Box 58561

Tukwila, Washington