Licking County Cruiser's

Here's some rules and regulations for the upcoming shin digs. Please consider these for the well being of upcoming cruises/meets. We want a relaxed environment so no one has to worry about the well being of their ride. Where ever we obtain a location for a meet we have to respect the owner and their property if we want to continue having these events. Most vehicles are welcome but has to be in the neighborhood of what we are about. Rules may be added or changed at any point. We want to be different than the rest and offer what licking county is lacking in the car community. If you don't follow these rules YOU will leave! 1. No excessive engine reving and two stepping 2. No loud music 3. No littering. Clean up after yourself 4. No donks. Just no 5. No shit talking of any kind 6. No burnouts near the event. Get frisky during the cruise if you want but don't get dangerous. 7. No LEANING or TOUCHING or fondling someone's else's car without consent. We have tasers! 8. No street racing antics. Keep that outside this group. 9. RESPECT everyone and their rides. 10. No rolling coal of any kind. 11. NO ricers. Imports are welcome. There is a difference



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Utica, New York