Thursday Night Garage Association

We are an eclectic club of a variety of vehicles with years going back to the very early 1900s through and into the late 70s and even some very new vehicles of which most members who have those, have older vehicles as well. We have everything from, literally, Horseless Carriages through muscle cars and those with a previous life of drag racing. We are proud to have as members the prestigious Detroit Autorama Riddler Award winners for 2008 which are the builders of Ferrambo. The car is presently on display at LeMay - America's Car Museum in Tacoma, WA. We are also proud to have a number of Washington State Automotive Hall of Fame members. The club was founded on Ebey Island, Everett WA, by 5 guys in the early 70s. Oddly enough we meet on Thursday nights :) usually, about 4-7 pm and we also have a yearly club picnic to which all members and their families are invited and also a Christmas party where we exchange, or steal, ;) gifts by number and where we have a very fun time. Many members are active and retired Boeing employees and the talents of all members are most helpful to all AND appreciated by all. Since we are in NW Washington state we have weather challenges of Autumn through Winter rain, with rare snowfall, and so the main vehicles are not usually brought out to club meetings then unless it's an exceptionally nice day. However, during nice weather, we will usually meet at someone's home, shop or business. Sometimes non-member businesses host us as well and we get to see their operation which is usually automotive related. At a meeting hosted by a member, that member arranges for, or makes, the food and serves it with member assistance and for which we donate $5 if we wish to eat there. Business hosts do not usually charge for food and beverages. When we do not have a specific set location for a meeting we will meet at a local restaurant which can vary. We sometimes have special meetings/shows at retirement communities which they LOVE and wait for :) and will provide food and beverages for us as well. Sometimes we'll do a 'run' to a meeting location which is fun and a treat for the locals to see all the vehicles together crusin' down the road. Despite our weather, there are many shows around the area in good weather and many of us attend those en masse. We encourage others to start similar clubs in their area. There are a few around the country now. We do not have a specific 'President' and consider every member a President. The closest to a president we would have is a person who arranges all the meetings and we recently lost such a wonderful person to illness. Ed Janzen...we all miss you dearly. Thank you for being you. The club statement is> NO rules, NO dues, Just crusin' fun! ~ We are on Facebook under the full club name or TNGA. We also have a garage sale page there as well though both are only open to local members. ~ You can call me for info but if I do not answer leave a message for I will not answer unknown phone numbers. Thank you.



C/O Milt Heger - 3007 Rucker Ave. #264

Everett, Washington