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 Lady Luck Car Club
We are a Women's only car club created by friends who decided, to share their love of cars with other women who feel the same.
We were tired of the way "some" men treat women who enjoy automobiles, never letting them get greasy, drive motorcycles, or even enter friendly races/car shows.

We couldn't understand why it was still considered "a man's world"....So we changed it!

This club was created for women who enjoy getting out and having friendly fun.
Whether you know a lot or a little about vehicles, as long as you appreciate cars, we would love to have you as a member.

Any car make or model is welcome from vintage to mini-vans and anything in between...Whether its under-construction or already modified.

Right now, we are women just having fun, but we are in the process of getting cars we can fix up and restore. We also like to do bake sales, car washes, community service and work with charities such as "Toys for Tots", "Breast Cancer Awareness", ETC...
Also if you have a car or we get a car restored, we will enter car shows and friendly/safe races on tracks only.

We are big on family and friends...
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Daniels, WV 25832
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on: January 8, 2012