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 Southern Illinois Mustang Association
In the MUSTANG beginning Lee Iacocca had a vision of a sporty personal vehicle that could be bought by the masses of the people in America. On March 17, 1964, America witnessed the birth of the most popular American automobile since Henry and his Model "T". An early issue of Ford Times magazine called it the "Heartbeat of America". Guess who borrowed that saying. And the rest they say is Mustang history.

In the SIMA beginning, Terry Yates of Wood River, Illinois placed an ad in the Alton Evening Telegraph of June, 1977. Later it was said "If you build it, they will come"! Well Terry advertised it and they came! Over 350 happy memberships later and into our 31th year, the Southern Illinois Mustang Association has carried the Midwest MUSTANG banner. Mustang Does It !!!!

The first meeting was held on June 12, 1977 and set the die for this group. Women were encouraged to attend and vote. A newsletter was planned and has been published monthly since. Meeting attendance was given importance for the club to be strong. The Mustang Club of America issued Regional Group Charter #18 to the SIMA on the 4th day of January, 1979.

In the summer of 2007 the SIMA completed their 30th annual MUSTANG Round-up Car Show and Swap Meet. All 30 shows have been held at the Roberts Ford Dealership at Alton, IL. SIMA, Roberts Ford, the Alton Square Mall, the City of Alton, Il., the Mustang Corral and the Alton Belle Casino sponsored our first National MUSTANG show in July of 1994 in honor of the 30th Anniversary of the MUSTANG Introduction. SIMA holds meetings monthly, sponsors an annual MUSTANG car show, sponsors spring and fall color cruises, participates in local and National car shows, has certified and Gold Card MCA judges and shares its knowledge of MUSTANGS with all who inquire. Ownership not essential, ENTHUSIASM is!!!!!!!!

Many SIMA MUSTANGS have won Best of Show trophies, as well as many other awards. Member MUSTANGS have been featured in the following publications, Mustang Times, Mustang Monthly, Super Ford, and Fabulous Fords and Mustangs. Several articles penned by SIMA members have been published in the Mustang Times and Mustang Monthly.

MUSTANGS in the SIMA stable range from 64-1/2 coupes and convertibles to the latest Cobras, Mach's and Bullets. HI-PO's, GT’s, Mach 1’s, and everyday drivers are given the greatest of care. The oldest pony in the SIMA stable is serial # 5F08F100863. We invite you to become a part of one of the finest Mustang groups anywhere.
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