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 The Original Rollin' Kruisers Car Club
The Original Rollin’ Kruisers Car Club, Inc. is an organization consisting of people from all over the Chicagoland area who have a passion for cars, whether they are classics, street rods, modified cars, antiques, vintage trucks, or just that something special you like to show. To quote the club by-laws, “The Original Rollin’ Kruisers Car Club, Inc. exists to serve as a medium of exchange of ideas, information and parts for admirers and owners of classic, vintage and show vehicles, to assist them in restoring, preserving and modifying their vehicles or to aid people in locating a car they are interested in….” The club will endeavor to organize and promote activities that enhance the ownership and appreciation of such vehicles.

When you join the Original Rollin’ Kruisers Car Club, you will receive a quarterly newsletter full of interesting articles, a membership card and a club T-shirt. The Club also offers various apparel such as red polo shirts with a checkered flag collar and sleeves and the club name embroidered on the front side, along with black satin club jackets with the Club logo embroidered in color on the back. We also offer Club decals and other items such as baseball caps with logo, “drag plates” and travel mugs with the club logo on them.

The most important thing is keeping members and their families involved and interested in everything we have to offer. It’s a great feeling to see people come together, make new acquaintances, and enjoy all the activities. And the club is striving to make this a “happening” club, thanks to dedicated Board members and Club members. Won’t you be a part of a wonderful “family” called the Original Rollin’ Kruisers Car Club? Welcome!
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Lemont, IL 60439
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