Auto Restorers Car Club of Southern Minnesota

Auto Restorers Club, Inc. is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of antique vehicles through special interest cars, started in 1961. The purpose of this club is to drive old cars and to socialize with others that have the same interests. This club is family-oriented, and all makes of cars are welcome. Monthly newsletters are sent the first week of every month. The club holds dinner meetings in January, February, March, April and November. Other events from May to October include: tours, picnics, campouts, steak fry, garage tours, and the annual car show and swap meet. Help in finding parts and information is freely given. Auto Restorers Car Club Sponsors the Annual Car Show and Swap Meet ~ Always the Third Sunday in September. Located at the Nicollet County Fairgrounds in St. Peter, MN.



PO Box 531

St. Peter, Minnesota