Xtreme Limits Car Club of Virginia

Xtreme Limits Car Club, located in Virginia, is a car club for ALL car enthusiasts. Any make, model, year and series of cars, trucksand/or bikes that you own; can become a part of our growing club. For meets and shows; wecan/will travelthroughout Central VA and across VA for charity shows. For special events; we travel from Florida all the way up to New York and Pennsylvania. We travel either as a group or even individually. We DO NOT force nor expectour members to participate in all meets, shows and special events. Not everyone can! We dedicate all profits to benefit the community throughout the Holidays; giving food and gifts forneedy families, senior citizens, veterans, the ill, and their families. We also volunteer to help outand co-host special charity events in Central and Northern VA throughout the year. We have one main rule in our club; When representing the club in any capacity; be respectful of others and theirevent rules.We expect the best behavior of our members. Violating this one rule; can cause dismissal or being banned from the club!



Fredericksburg, Virginia