Mustangs West

Welcome to the website of Mustangs West of Olympia, Thurston County's only regional club of Mustang Club Of American. Mustangs West was founded in 1988. Thirty-six people attended the first meeting and by August of 1989 membership had risen to 54. Today’s club has 50 plus families enjoying their Mustangs and the friendship of their fellow Mustangers. While most of our members are most likely to be found at car shows, we have some who enjoy testing their skills and their car's abilities at SCCA events in Washington and Oregon. Another favorite past time, started in 2001, is cruising to some of the attractive locales of Washington State, including, but not limited to, Mt. St. Helens, Long Beach and Crystal Mountain. Guests are always welcome on our cruises, whether from another club, or just someone who likes to go for a drive in their Mustang with other Pony Car owners for a day. Being a member of our club does not require that you own a Mustang, only that you have a love for the original, and now only Pony Car, from any era...from the 1st generation to current year models. Mustangs West is a non-profit organization. Proceeds from our car shows are donated to local food banks and charities.



P.O. Box 5876

Lacey, Washington