The 51-50 Foundation

Donations and membership to the Foundation are no way tax deductible. We do not support any causes other than the right to enjoy your car and be around other folks that feel the same way. We are not out to save the planet, feed the homeless, contribute to undeveloped countries or promote government reform (although badly needed). Oil companies are ripping us off, taxes increase on a regular basis, pharmaceutical companies rule the land and the entire world economy is in the toilette. The only truly enjoyable thing to do that does not require refinancing your home (good luck on that one) or receiving a government bailout is hanging around with car guys/gals, listening to some good Rock and Roll and knocking back a couple of beers. (However we strongly do not support drinking and driving). The one great thing about being an auto-enthusiast (politically correct) is no matter what kind of car you have, what your background is or how much cash you made last year, we are all equal when it comes to our interest and pride in our ride. Kind of corny but the fact is we are all brothers (or sisters) wrapped in tin, surrounded by glass and running on the remains of dead dinosaurs. Enjoy your short time on this rotating rock, make friends and trip on the sounds of that sweet exhaust melody. The 51-50 Foundation is a private social club for folks who have a passion for cars or auto racing. We do not discriminate due to year, model or manufacturer. Our unique Automotive Social Club is the largest in the San Francisco Bay Area with over 140 members. Money raised through our numerous events goes to the education and development of future automotive addicts. Tony Lazzarini Founder The 51-50 Foundation



The 51-50 Foundation, 150 Ford Way

Novato, California