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 Houston Mopar Connection Club
The Houston Mopar Connection Club (HMCC) originated in the Summer, 1983. A relatively small group of individuals were interested in enjoying and preserving Chrysler Corporation vehicles, particularly Mopar muscle cars, and sought a forum to accomplish that task. The main reason for starting the club was to unite people with the same interest, Mopars, and to assist them to have fun together and to help out each other on Mopar projects. Credit Don Powers, Brian Grebinger, Chuck Julian, and a few others for the idea to start a Mopar club. These Houston-area folks formed a club designed to link Mopar-loving people in the greater Houston metropolitan area together. Within the first year the club grew to 89 members.

The HMCC has since grown to nearly 200 family members, with each family owning an average of more than three Chrysler related vehicles. The vehicles span the Chrysler production years, right up to the current Indy Edition of the Dodge Ram truck. Club members use their Mopars as daily drivers, race cars, show cars, or work trucks. Various club members particularly enjoy pre and post World War II vehicles, 1950s era fin-cars, 1960s -1970s muscle cars and 1980s and 1990s K cars, Jeeps, Eagles, Caravans, Vipers and Prowlers. You name it, if its a Mopar related vehicle, including vehicles from the AMC Corporation, it is of interest to some HMCC member.

In fact, ownership of a Mopar is not a prerequisite for HMCC membership. The club welcomes everyone interested in Chrysler-related vehicles.
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Cypress, TX 77429
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(281) 804-0355
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