Tri-Lakes Cruisers

The Tri-Lakes Cruisers is a car club with its roots in the Tri-Lakes area of Colorado. The Tri-Lakes are known as - Palmer Lake, Monument Lake and Lake Woodmoor, but the club includes members from Gleneagle, Black Forest, Northern Colorado Springs, and various other surrounding communities. It´s a fun loving, good natured bunch of people simply enjoying each other´s company, cars, and maybe a few nights out on the town cruisin´. The club officially started in August of 2001. The Tri-Lakes Cruisers is a non-profit organization, complete with by-laws, yearly membership dues, benefits and a whole lot more. The club is currently seeking new members. Individuals with specialty cars, hot rods, street rods, lead sleds, antique cars, cars being restored or built, or just plain nice well-maintained cars are welcome to apply for membership. The TL Cruisers business meetings are the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm. Contact one of the members for meeting location and directions.



P.O. Box 2902

Monument, Colorado