Shift Masters of Westchester

The Shift Masters of Westchester, Mission To promote family oriented car events and to exercise road courtesy and safety for future hot rodders to follow. Description In 1956, Eastchester, N.Y., there were a group of hot rod hooligans who formed the Shift Masters of Westchester. To shed the stigma of teenage wise guys they started to promote road courtesy & safety, by helping stranded or disable motorist, the campaign was so successful that in 1958 they were even sponsored by the Eastchester Police Dept. and grew to have a second chapter in White Plains, N.Y. unfortunately in 1964 the organization fell upon hard times. In September of 2012 after some extensive research, we the eight new founding members & gear heads alike, decided to resurrect the Shift Masters of Westchester. Today we are no longer considered juvenile delinquents, just old trouble makers!



Eastchester, New York