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 Bakersfield Camaro Club
Bakersfield Camaro Club is a fairly new club to the Golden Empire and we are currently accepting new members. The Club is open to all four generations of Camaro models. We are currently having our meeting every other Sunday during the Summer. The meetings are designed to get you and your car out on the town to be seen. So to keep it fun and interresting the meetings are held at different locations with special events planned with them. At our meetings we plan and organize our upcoming events and discuss past events and other club activities. It is an informal get-together where you are encouraged to bring your families, have dinner if you would like, and share your passion for the All American Camaro.

The club's goal is to participate in local charity events, organized participation in car shows, fun runs and the Friday night Sonic event. The club is also a invaluable local resource for restoration and mechanical tips, as well as a way to establish friendships with those that share the same interests as you.

Annual dues of $20 will get you a Bakersfield Camaro Club T-Shirt. Additional family member T-Shirts can be purchased for $10. All funds that exceed the Club's basic maintenance will be donated to local charity events on behalf of BCC.
Club Contact Information
Bakersfield, CA 93313
Phone Number
(661) 747-0137
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