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 Southern Indiana Cruisers Car Club
Southern Indiana Cruisers Car Club (S.I.C. Car Club) is southern Indiana's newest car club. As of today, tomorrow, next week, and the months to follow it's free to join. We're not in it for the money anyway! If we host a car show it's to help a good cause out and to get those cars out of the garage so everyone can see it. Your car or truck car be fresh from a barn find or fresh from a show room floor. If it has wheels and you love your ride then your welcome to join us.

Respect your fellow car enthusiasts. The SIC Car Club has a No Haters policy. Negative criticism and or hurtful commentary towards other members and their vehicles is not tolerated. This includes their family, friends and other car club members as well. Positive and or constructive commentary and support is always welcomed and encouraged.

Respect other automotive communities. The SIC Car Club supports and encourages a common respect for those who have passion for the automotive industry, regardless of their personal tastes or opinions.

Respect the law. All SIC Car Club members are expected to abide by federal, state, and local laws. This includes all motor vehicle laws and regulations. If youre going to party, party responsibly. Drug use and/or the exchange of any illegal substances during any SIC Car Club function is prohibited.

Respect event sponsors. The folks who take the time to support our events are in turn supporting YOU and your passion. Peeling out of events and/or driving dangerously is a detriment to the association and the event.

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Club Contact Information
5467 S. Farmers Drive
Bloomington, IN 47403
Phone Number
(812) 358-7448
club added by: carsbackthen
on: July 21, 2011