Black Knights Corvette Club

The Black Knights Corvette Club was founded in Stafford Virginia in 2009 as a band of brothers united through our common military backgrounds, close family ties, love of life and laughter, and of course the shared passion and admiration for Americas greatest sports car The Corvette! With the same pride of service displayed by brave Knights of medieval times, The Stafford Black Knights are equally honored to have answered the call of duty and served our great country. Were extremely proud to represent all branches of the military service. Juice, Tango, and MacGyver , our Army Strong Knights, represent the U.S. Army. Roc, our Solo Airman, represents the U.S. Air Force. Magic and Batman represent the Chiefs "Goat Locker" of the U.S. Navy; Gator, Shinny, and JMD represent The Few, The Proud, The Marines and Shooter represents the U.S. Coast Guard.



Fredercksburg, Virginia