Los Bandoleros Car Club

Welcome to Los Bandoleros Car Club of Westfield, MA. The mission of Los Bandoleros Car Club, according to its Bylaws, is to promote the sport and hobby of owning, altering,and modifying vehicles of both past and present years; and to encourage family participation in such sport and hobby; to promote friendship, help fellow clubs and organizations by attending their functions, supporting our local communities and charities, as well as and to educate the public concerning the history, legend, repair, building and modifying vehicles of both past and present years. A little bit about the Los Bandoleros Car Club. We are an organization founded by a group of custom car lovers that not only enjoyed their hobby cars but the friendship of the many folks that shared those interests. Los Bandoleros Car Club is a non-profit organization that runs based soley on the time and effort of its members and its contributors. If you would like to contact the club, the email address to reach us at is [email protected] Secretary: Carmen L Marquez Taty #11 413-204-0353 Promotes and preserves the automotive hobby within the regions along Los Bandoleros Car Club. Promote a feeling of fellowship and network among Hispanic culture and Latino. Increase their interest to succeed in school & college. Create and promote Latino awareness through social and educational activities in the efforts of strengthening diversity. Builds and maintains relationships amongst all our members by means of communication and participation at Club Functions. Works with local businesses in our community to run our Club Functions. Spreads awareness of the Club through a weekly Cruise Night, as well as various one-time shows throughout the season.



Westfield, Massachusetts