Rat's and Rod's of Antwerp

Rat's & Rod" founder Mike Mckeever wanted to start a club that allows all makes models and years in. We all have likes and dislikes to rule anyone out, we are all rodder's at heart and in that case we are all bonded alike. Different vehicles represented by the club are including on-going projects, factory stock, radical trucks, street rods, foreign cars, classics, antiques, motorcycles and everything in between. Our motto is "If you like it, cruise with us." We encourage getting together to socialize, and share ideas and maintenance tips. We also take great pleasure in attending special events with each other, as well as the simple joys of cruising together. We support involvement with our or your community activities and parades. DOING OUR PART FOR THE COMMUNITY The goals of Rat's & Rod's are to have monthly cruise-ins, to encourage friendship and camaraderie with people of all ages, and to appreciate the vehicles associated with cruise-ins and car shows. It is not mandatory to own a vehicle to belong to the club, but we do recommend vehicle ownership. Rat's & Rod's is not affiliated with any other car club or national organization and non-profit. Our club meetings are help April through November, rain or shine, at Antwerp Community Park the second Thursday and the third Saturday every month starting April 12th tiil November 9th; too see where we are cruising to (all within 20 miles). During cruising months, meetings are held preceding the cruise in. For more information please contact Mike at [email protected] Thanks, Club President Mike Mckeever



1739 Road 250

Antwerp, Ohio