Orphan Car Club of New Brunswick Canada

This car club is all about car guys or call gals who drive cars outside the box meaning they don't really have a club to call there own, we are looking for very different/rare/odd/unique even the bizarre etc. As an example of cars in our club are Citroen's, Renault's, Peugeot's etc. So if you love or even have a rare car like Citroen, Renault, Peugeot, Simca, Abarth, Facel Vega, Delage, Delahay, Maserati, Lambo, Fiat, Micro car, Alfa Romeo, Lada, Skoda, Zimmer, Movie cars, Home-made cars, Iseta, Messershmith, DKW, Prinz, Talbot, Matra, etc... you all have a place to call home now. Please visit our site on Facebook ~ Orphan Car Club of New Brunswick Canada Have a wonderful day and drive safely!



Moncton, New Brunswick