DFWLX Modern Mopar

Who We Are: We are fans of MOPAR's LX/LC line of cars, this Includes the Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger, Dodge Magnum and Dodge Challenger. We are a Dallas/ Fort Worth Metroplex Club, that has at least, a monthly meet to enjoy friendly discussions, and common encouragement in the enjoyment of our favorite automobile. DFWLX Vision Statement The People We Serve: The DFWLX Club is dedicated to the People that consider themselves "LX/LC - Fans". As friends, we gather in a predetermined meeting place, to exchange information, provide help to one another, and to have friendly discussion related to our common interest, our cars. Admission to our Club is free and open to everyone around the Metroplex area that shares our interests and finds their way to this site. We do ask that IF you can, you help out with a donation (You can Donate now by clicking here) We look forward to a rapidly growing membership, comprised of as diverse a group of individuals as the DFW Area can provide. Unified by our common interest.



Dallas, Texas