At American Speed, we do not want to simply create a car club. We strive to create a community for car enthusiasts across the country which will provide its members with resources to foster our shared passion for all things automotive. The 21st century offers us the ability to create and maintain just such a community. The American Speed, Inc. website and affiliated sites are the lifeline of our organization. Like the veins and arteries which carry the lifeblood between the heart, brain and body, we use our online resources to connect the various chapters of American Speed. Local chapters are tight knit groups that meet in person, host events and participate in shows. The online forums supplement those groups by offering a place for people to swap tips and connect with people who have similar interests. As a place to build friendships and network with businesses, American Speed works to create an environment for individuals of all ages and levels of knowledge. Furthermore, we want American Speed chapters to be involved in their local communities. We encourage participation in community events, festivals and fairs, especially charitable events. It is our hope that in building our American Speed community, we can better the communities that host our local chapters. My name is Patrick Meisner and I am proud to be the President of American-Speed, Inc. I would like to personally invite you to become a member of one of the areas hottest, up and coming car clubs! But first.. A little history: American-Speed was founded in Louisville, KY in 2005. Me and a few friends started meeting at a local store parking lot (Best Buy). What started as just an idea has grown into something that we would have never thought was possible with a car club. American-Speed, Inc. is now known nationwide, and spreading! What makes us Different? Unlike your average car club, we try to make our club something the whole family can enjoy. It doesnt matter how old your are or even what kind of car you own, its all about the passion for burnt rubber on blacktop and the electronics that make our trunks rattle and license plats fall off!! _______________________________________________________________________________________ If you become a Chapter with us, members get. You get to have your own website!! Your own custom page, pictures, content, etc. , Section on Forum(this includes transferring of content from your old site as well) In additionAll of your members can have their OWN e-mail address. Example: [email protected] Logos for cars, shirts, polos with you club name.(if already made our design team will remake)Logos as well Both Young and Old Members are welcome. There is no age limit! Discounts: We have already arranged for you to have discounts with our Sponsors. Conference room for all your meetings Monthly newsletters regarding upcoming events and whats going on with the club. _______________________________________________________________________________________ As a Member you get. You get your own CUSTOM e-mail address. Example: [email protected] Discounts: We have already arranged for you to have discounts with our Sponsors Monthly newsletters regarding upcoming events and whats going on with the club. FREE Full access to our Website 2 Logos for your cars _______________________________________________________________________________________ As a Sponsor you get Three different plans to choose from OR you can customize your own plan. Free Advertising! Your Name and Logo is on all our Banners, Cars, Anything you want us to advertise! We are a non-profit organization so any money you donate you get back through taxes! Give me a call (502-210-1389) and Ill be glad to tell you more about this terrific club and all the GREAT benefits! Sincerely, Patrick Meisner American Speed inc My long term dream and goal is to have chapters everywhere in America. By providing services that take away the business side of running a car club I believe that it will make you and your club stronger and less stressful. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to hearing from you.



PO BOX 22037

Louisville, Kentucky