SouthSide Ryders Car Club

Welcome to the South Side Ryders Car Club - we are a very organized group of people, our cars that we mostly drive are Bonneville's & Grand marquis. But we are basically a mix breed car club - There is a Minnesota chapter Chicago chapter & Atlanta chapter. If you got what it takes to roll with us then our number will be posted below , so don't just ride be down with the Southside Ryders and be sure to check on our other prez Big Joe Davis leader of our Marquis club - his number is 773-988-5979, in there will be a Southside Ryders Youtube page. My number is 773-209-5382 call or text for more info. We only require for you to have Southside Ryders on the front on the top of window or get the full logo for your back end also call for details.



[email protected]

Waite Park, Minnesota