Memories Car Club

Did you know this about the car club? This is a little more history: Back in 1989 a group of gear heads started hanging out at what's now Jack Auto Repair and Towing in High Ridge to shoot the bull and show off their cars. They started drudging up memories from the past and soon became known as Memories Car Club. From there they started hanging at The Malt Shop. More and more cars started showing up and the lot there got way to small, so they went to Baskin-Robbins in Fenton. Somewhere in all this the now famous Memories Car Club Friday night cruise got started and grew to what it is today. One of the largest cruises in the Midwest is now held at Life Christian Church in Sunset Hills, Missouri. All this because a bunch of car nuts got together to shoot the bull and show off their hot rods and custom cars. Thanks to those few guys (gear heads) were Don Gallo, Jack Ramsey, Butch Lindsey, and Kenny Wydeck, Wayne West, and Moe Grave and Bob Benck. A few of the guys are still in the club today and come to the cruises yet



913 Oak Dr.

Fenton, Missouri