Bristol County Corvette Club

The Bristol County Corvette Club (BCCC) was founded in 1984. For many years, BCCC has provided a social atmosphere for people who share a common interest in America's one and only true sports car. Bristol County Corvette Club meets once a month at these meetings, members are kept up to date on all events, both planned and unplanned, that transpire within the Corvette hobby. Meetings are also a good place to discuss problems and solutions about our favorite car. All of our members have a knowledge of Corvettes that many times cannot be found in books. The Bristol County Corvette Club enjoys a diverse membership and we welcome new members that share our hobby and interests. BCCC runs events throughout the year. These events include: Mystery Rides, Outings, Halloween and Christmas Parties, Hay Rides , and various other Social Activities. In addition, BCCC has various Club Cruises throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall. BCCC members also participate in the functions of other clubs in the New England area. Events such as "Get Away Weekends" have become extremely popular with our members. Throughout the Spring, Summer and Fall, shows and rallies frequently attract members of BCCC individually and collectively.



1008 Almy Road

Somerset, Massachusetts