Corvette Club of America

Corvette Club of America is the world’s first and oldest Corvette Club, since we held our very first meeting on July 17, 1956. Back then our club members raced against other sports cars such as those who belonged to the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) and the Porsche Club of America, so it seemed right at the time to call ourselves the Corvette Club of America (CCA). We also were among the founders of the National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC) back in 1959 to promote interest in Corvette ownership, operation and knowledge about Corvettes. With over 16,500 members and 269 clubs in 15 regions, NCCC is the largest non-profit, all volunteer Corvette organization in the United States. CCA has always been about having fun with our Corvettes. There are many ways to accomplish this, and we try to do that by planning lots of fun activities. Our activities include social events, car shows, and racing events. Our social events include brunch and dinner cruises, and pool and holiday parties. CCA sponsors “fun” and “Concours” car shows, as well as participating in shows sponsored by other clubs. CCA sponsors race events and also attends other club’s racing events, participating in drag racing, auto crossing, and circuit racing. The Corvette Club of America, Inc. encourages the ownership of Corvettes and provides the opportunity for members to exchange information and knowledge on how to best maintain and enjoy our Corvettes. CCA maintains a strong relationship with our sponsor, Sport Chevrolet. We gather once a month for a “shop night” where we help each other with light maintenance (such as oil changes) and technical sessions on maintaining our Corvettes. We usually end the evening by enjoying the company of our other members while eating pizza at a local restaurant. Our members are mostly from Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington DC area, however, we also have some “long-distance” members. Membership requires owning a Corvette and a strong interest in Corvettes. Please feel free to checkout the rest of our web site to learn more about us. We have a long and rich history, and we are always interested in hearing from others who love Corvettes as much as we do. If you like to have fun, enjoy Corvettes, and would like to be a part of our historic club, then please consider joining us. There is a link to the left titled “Join the Club” which will show you how. I hope to hear from you and see you soon!



Gaithersburg, Maryland