Airflow Club of America

The AIRFLOW CLUB OF AMERICA, INCORPORATED is a nonprofit organization founded in June 1962. The Club is dedicated to the preservation, restoration, exhibition, and use of Chrysler Airflow and DeSoto Airflow automobiles, Dodge Airflow trucks, as well as collecting, recording, preserving, and disseminating Airflow information, data, and lore to the world of old car enthusiasts and authors in order to clarify and publish the truth of the Airflow's contributions to the automotive world. The Airflow Club, founded in 1962, has grown to a membership of approximately 600 with members currently in the U. S., Canada, and seven other countries. The Club is organized into three regions, covering the Eastern, Central and Western portions of the U.S. Each year one of the regions hosts the Club's Annual Meet. There is a rigorous judging of the cars at this meet focusing on originality and quality of restoration. Many members attending the annual meets drive their cars to and from the meet. The three regions also hold events at various times throughout the year. The Eastern Region annually has a banquet during the Hershey weekend each fall and the Western Region has for the past several years attended the San Diego Swap Meet in the spring as a group.



San Jose, California