Beach Barons Car Club

During the 1950’s the Beach Barons Car Club was formed by a bunch of local fellows involved in flat head Fords, small block Chevys and a few Oldsmobile powered hot rods. The club flourished in its first years as a group of enthusiastic young men and women getting together with one common interest: their automobiles. Guys with names like Duey Ames, Bill Morse, Al Degenhart, Monte Baker, and Jim Howerton were actively participating in the every day chore of keeping these rides alive. The Hangout was Ferguson’s Richfield gas station in Long Beach near the intersection of 8th Street and Pacific Highway. The meetings were held in the old Peninsula Court House. Several U.S. Air Force and Coast Guard members were instrumental in forming the original club and when the government pulled the Air Force out of the area and the environmentalists started pulling horsepower from Detroit engines, the Beach Baron Car Club slid into the annuls of history. In 1963 the Ocean Park Chamber of Commerce was asking members of the community for ideas that would encourage visitors. Max Morehouse and Bob Langendorfer, two local Lone Wolf car buffs came up with the idea of a car show. The Rod Run to the End of the World was born. A total of 68 custom cars showed up for that first show on Labor Day weekend and everyone felt it was a success. .The following year, 120 cars were in attendance and Bob and Max were helped by several of the ex-Beach Barons members. Someone suggested reforming the old car club using the Beach Baron name. By this time about 20 car buffs had come out of hiding and the Beach Barons Car Club was formed and incorporated as a non-profit group for the betterment of the whole community. Today, we sponsors and organizes the annual Rod Run to the End of the World. This event is held in Ocean Park Washington the week end after Labor Day each year.



P.O. Box 237

Ocean Park, Washington